Meet Rebecca Rodarte-Byrne

Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District – Division 3

As a grandmother and retiree, I have seen how important parks and recreational activities are to our community. Parks and recreational programs play a large part in enriching our children’s experiences and aid in physical and mental wellness.  I have also seen the successes and experienced the obstacles that board members face in solving community issues.  I feel confident that I have the background and talent needed to fulfill the duties required for this position.   

I have worked and volunteered in many organizations such as; the Optimist Club, Rotary, Boys & Girls Clubs, Save Pio Pico, San Gabriel Mission, and I have been an Interview Specialist for the LAPD.  I have worked for the Bi-Lingual Foundation of the Arts of Los Angeles and served as Chairperson for The State of California Athletic Commission.  I am excited to be able to offer and use this experience to help build our community. 

I am confident that as a board member I can work with other members to set the goals, formulate policies, and establish services that will meet the present and future needs of the citizens in your community. 

Thank you for your confidence in giving me your vote.