Meet Eric Ditwiler

Jurupa Unified School District – Trustee, Area 4

Eric Ditwiler attended public schools in Moscow, Idaho and came to Southern California 40 years ago to attend college in Claremont.  He has a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s in philosophy, and a doctorate in education. He has worked in assessment and educational quality promotion in an elite undergraduate college and an integrated health sciences university. He knows how to figure out what is working and what is not in the provision of education.  He knows how to fully utilize instructional technology to engage students and enable learning.

Eric Ditwiler is a good listener and he heard the teachers say that their time and spirit is being sapped by all the non-instructional activities they have to attend to every day. For this reason, he thinks that the District should put forth a concerted effort to automate, streamline, and eliminate the non-instructional tasks it currently asks its teachers to perform.  Once this is done, and the teachers have some breathing room and start feeling appreciated, the District should do a deep dive into fully utilizing technologies like Lecture Capture and Learning Management Systems. Educational Technology is not just about distance-learning.  It can make a traditional brick-and-mortar curriculum more rich and robust and every parent knows how engaging a video-game can be.

Eric Ditwiler is a Jurupa Unified Parent with kids in elementary and middle school. His mother was a junior high school teacher. He understands the demands placed on teachers as well as the expectations of parents. He is a property owner with an understanding of the impact of the quality of local schools on the value of his family’s home. He has seen what truly excellent education takes and knows that it can not be obtained without the enthusiasm of a committed faculty.